Paddling Against Poverty: Adam Underwood Set to Paddleboard 150km in Aid of The Larder

11 May, 2022


The Larder’s Employer Engagement Officer, Adam Underwood, has set himself the incredible challenge of paddleboarding 10 lochs end to end totalling 150km in just 6 days. This feat is in aid of The Larder’s food insecurity project, Catalyst Kitchen, to raise awareness of food insecurity in Scotland as well as a goal to raise £5,000 towards it’s life-changing services.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Scotland and the UK were already in the grips of a hunger crisis. Two years of public health restrictions in response to COVID have only added to the difficulties faced by significant numbers of people in accessing regular, good quality food. Though The Larder supported food insecure individuals' prior to the pandemic, the need for their services has rapidly increased.

Since the pandemic began, The Larder’s Catalyst Kitchen has supported 979 food insecure individuals, delivering and serving 133,572 meals; a project in which need is only rising. Due to the increasing cost of living, there remains a requirement for continued support and development for food insecure individuals, to ensure that those most in need, experiencing real hunger within West Lothian, do not go without. The Larder believes that everyone, regardless of economic status, deserves the chance to eat good food while being treated with dignity, and through Catalyst Kitchen, they provide such service.

Working directly with The Larder, Adam is acutely aware of the rising struggles of The Larder’s beneficiaries, and with a love of paddleboarding, has risen to this challenge.

Adam Underwood, Employer Engagement Officer, The Larder said:” This is a daunting proposition and I am feeling both excited and apprehensive as it will be a huge physical challenge, but its the least I can do to help support such a project and organisation. From this challenge, I am hoping that it will not only raise 5k for the project but to help to kick start the conversation around how we as a society can support those in need in a dignified and compassionate way"

Angela Moohan, CEO, The Larder said: “We’re incredibly thankful to Adam for embarking on this incredible challenge in aid of The Larder. By raising awareness as well as his financial goal, we will be shedding light of this continued and rapidly increasing crisis, right here at home”


To donate to this cause, please head to Adam’s JustGiving page by clicking here

Paddling Against Poverty: Adam Underwood Set to Paddleboard 150km in Aid of The Larder
Paddling Against Poverty: Adam Underwood Set to Paddleboard 150km in Aid of The Larder