The Larder sings out against unjust poverty

16 October, 2023


Volunteers, staff, and supporters our award-winning social enterprise have come together to raise their voices against poverty - through song.

The Larder in West Lothian tackles poverty and hunger by providing training and volunteering opportunities for local people, and through their social food project, Catalyst Kitchen, providing dignified responses to food insecurity and making sure no-one in West Lothian goes hungry.

To mark this years’ Challenge Poverty Week, The Larder teamed up with local songwriter Jason Sweeney to create a new campaign song, 'No One's Left Behind'.

Jason worked with people who have lived experience of food insecurity to build the lyrics and story behind the song.

David Fitzpatrick, Community Development Manager at The Larder, said: “Jason has created a powerful song, that’s a poignant reminder of the challenges those living in poverty face each and every day. The lyrics highlight the real emotions that lie behind statistics and policies. We’re proud of everyone who shared their experiences.”

Angela Moohan, founder and CEO of The Larder, said: “During Challenge Poverty Week we have joined hundreds of organisations across Scotland to call for a Scotland based on justice and compassion, where everyone has what they need to live a decent, dignified life.

“We decided to do that in a new way, that puts people’s stories front and centre. We’re proud of our staff, trainees, and volunteers, and we’re grateful that so many shared their experiences with Jason. We hope it inspires empathy and action from people in West Lothian and beyond, and especially from our political leaders.”

David Fitzpatrick said: “’No One’s Left Behind’ carries a strong message about the importance of standing together in tough times, and making sure that no one is overlooked or excluded.

“The song is a call to action, showing that change is possible when we unite to pursue a common goal. It highlights the importance of challenging the status quo and holding those in power accountable for their actions.”

We hope you enjoy listening to our song, our stories and our vision.

The Larder sings out against unjust poverty