Corporate Social Responsibility

Employer engagement means involving employers in developing the skills of the future workforce through links with local businesses.

Employers have a vital part to play in preparing young people for future careers and to help them acquire general life skills. Students will benefit greatly from getting industry experience which will help them kick-start a successful career in their chosen field and these types of opportunities can:

  1. Give young people earlier exposure to the world of work by helping them develop the skills, experience and knowledge they'll need when they leave College
  2. Provide a chance to get a head start on their careers by gaining an industry recognised qualification, work on real projects and broaden their career options when they leave College
  3. Provide employers with the chance to attract highly motivated and committed young people who are willing to learn, and identify young people who are right for your business and ensure your organisation has people with the skills you need

Are you an employer?

If you are an employer, you can get involved and support our young learners to take the first step in their careers. There are many levels of engagement, this can and always will be tailored to best suit the needs of your business including:

  • Industry visits and tours: our learners are given the opportunity to see industry first hand Industry professional speakers: an opportunity for subject experts to share experiences and knowledge of the world of work and the industry they will be entering
  • Work experience opportunities: led by the business, work placements give the learner valuable experience in the work place while also giving employers an opportunity to see potential employees up close
  • Mentoring/Coaching and role modelling opportunities: allowing your staff to share their experiences of real world working in more detail either in a group or 1 to 1 setting, helping the develop employability skills. Delivering personal staff development to your team members while directly assisting in a learner's journey into work

What you can offer:

  • Industry visits and tours
  • Industry professional speakers
  • Work experience opportunities
  • Mentoring/ Coaching and volunteering opportunities